Fall “Remember” 9-Day Intensive
October 6 - October 14, 2023

Animal Communication, Animals in Transition, and Energy Healing

Join us in person or virtually!

If it's easier for you to attend virtually, not to worry – it's just as effective as coming in person! All the animals will still come through to meet you. 

Do you have a powerful connection with animals? Do you crave a deeper level of communication and understanding? Are you extremely sensitive to energy and feel an overwhelming amount of compassion for all creatures? Do you feel a “calling” to assist animals that are crossing over?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! These unknown experiences can feel confusing if others don’t understand. Your intuition might even feel like a burden, sprinkled in with the excitement of an unknown world of possibilities. 

I have amazing news. That weight of confusion can be lifted and replaced with an inspiring new chapter because finally, there’s a solution. Whether you’re completely new to animal communication or you’d like to brush up on these skills, my October “Remember” Intensive is here!  

Hi, I’m Joan Ranquet. Through decades of education and a lifetime of experience, I’ve mastered the ability to communicate with animals and have traveled the world teaching and utilizing energy healing techniques. Now, I’m not only helping animals and humans connect, I’m on a mission to teach you how to master this gift for yourself!

Has your heart skipped a beat?

GET EXCITED. My Fall “Remember” Intensive is a combination of three powerful workshops that teach Beginning to Advanced Animal Communication, Death and the Art of Crossing Over (Animals in Transition), and Energy Healing for Animals.

What's a "Remember" Intensive?

I call it a “Remember” Intensive because telepathy is inherent in our being. It also seems fitting because, following the Animal Communication weekend, we will create space to remember and honor our beloveds on the other side.

Joan’s teaching style is clear and crisp. Her dedication and support for her students is unmatched. People are drawn to Joan because she believes animal telepathy is a skill that we can all learn. Her natural teaching and storytelling abilities are infused with a unique combination of dry wit and generosity of spirit that make her classes the most engaging I have ever taken.

--Kara Udziela, Animal Communicator and CWALU Graduate

The Fall “Remember” Intensive kicks off with--

Beginning–Advanced Animal Communication (October 6-8)

This course not only teaches animal communication, but ways to enhance human/animal relationships. Students learn how to consistently receive a series of pictures, words, and feelings through telepathy. Gain a deeper understanding of animal behavior and the nature of health challenges.

Death and the Art of Crossing Over - Animals in Transition (October 9-11)

This is a powerful reminder that we have the ability to connect through many dimensions. By learning how to process death and crossing over, we become equipped to help others when their animals are in transition. This is all about death, dying, and beyond.

Energy Healing for Animals (October 12-14)

This course reminds our body that we have inherent healing skills. We also connect with our knowledge base and our ability to connect and heal virtually. You will learn about energy meridians, the energy field, chakras, the scalar wave as well as when to use body work and when to use energy work. 

*The pacing of these three workshops is built upon the success of the moment before. While taking all three workshops are recommended, you’re welcome to experience them individually. 

There is something magical about being in the same space with so many other like-minded people. In addition to the curriculum, this environment is a sanctuary of inspiration! Beginner students grow from watching the advanced students, while the advanced students are rejuvenated by the growth of the beginners.

Animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House author, educator and animal parent, Joan Ranquet leads an inspired life. It’s no surprise MSN deemed her as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love.” Joan is the author of Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True), and Communication with all Life (Hay House) and is an active contributor to Dharma of Dogs (Sounds True). Deemed “Celebrity Animal Communicator” in an AMC Channel documentary, Joan has been featured in dozens of media including The Hollywood Reporter, The Today ShowGood Morning America, and Animal Planet to name a few.



We do not give refunds.  At CWALU we love teaching people and spreading Joan’s unique process of communicating with and healing animals throughout different communities.  Joan is on a BIG MISSION and so the best way to reach that mission is to pass on her teachings. We believe that each person who attends one of Joan’s classes is on an equally important mission and so we fully support all of our students.  BUT in order to accomplish this mission, we enroll students who are fully committed to this work. If you signed up for an in-person course but cannot attend, we will issue you a credit for the amount you paid, which can be used for any course being offered in the following 12 months.  You must notify us at least 30 days before the start of the intensive.


Showing Up

Show up to the sessions un-knowing what you know.  Joan will guide you closely, teach you and give you feedback, but it is up to you to keep doing the homework and commit to the practice in order to have results.  Get ready to ask lots of questions and engage with our community. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Do not be afraid to take action, do not judge yourself if you do not feel 100% confident.  Remember to try your best and ask for feedback.

Opening Your Heart

A lot of the work we do at CWALU is about connecting with our heart.  Joan will teach you how to drop into your heart space and connect deeply with yourself in order to connect with all life.  It is up to you how deeply you want to take this work, but the more you open up your heart, the more you will be able to transfer / receive messages and trust them. Trust is a big piece of the puzzle in working with your intuition. We request that you follow your heart’s calling and your intuitive sense and tune out all the noise the is generated by your mind.  Commit to listening to your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’m new to animal communication, is this for me?

If you are new to animal communication, we suggest you take the Animal Communication Fundamentals home study course. This will teach you the skills and set the foundation for creating self trust in your ability to communicate. However, if you want to jump right in to an Intensive as your first exposure to animal communication, you will be taught how to do it during the first module, Basic–Advanced Animal Communication.

Q: Why should I invest in the 18-Month Program

If you want to get on a mission to heal the planet, this certification program is for you. This is about getting you into full confidence and having this skill run in the background so it is internalized. You will have over 65 hours of hands on experience with animals and by the end of our time together you will be known in your community as the go to person to communicate with and heal animals. You will also learn how to create a business, as Joan shares insider tips on how she grew her business to where it is today.

Q: Which modules of the Intensive should I take?  


We highly recommend you take all three together, as they each give you a solid foundation and a step towards accomplishing your mission.  This is an immersive experience that will leave a last in impression on your for years to come. If you take all 3 modules, you will embody a diverse skill set of communicating, healing and working sanctuaries.

Q: Are accommodations included in the Intensives? 

No they are not. As soon as you sign up, we will send you a list of suggested places to stay along with other travel information.

Q: What if I have other questions?   

Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you have.

Q: Is the Intensive in-person or virtual?

You can attend in-person or virtually via Zoom. Joan has modified all exercises to be able to do through zoom but, of course, being in-person is optimal.

Q: Will we be able to contact other students?   

Yes, you will all be connected to a Facebook Group that is closed for my students in my programs.

A Word from Joan’s Graduates...

“When Joan later helped us with issues with our own dogs, I realized how communication can really shift dynamics and assist in healing.  From that point I knew I wanted to learn everything I could from her. “

I joined CWALU because I wanted to sharpen my skills in Animal Communication and energy medicine. As a Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner I had been communicating with the animals I work with to a degree but I wanted to connect with them at a deeper level.  I had read Joan Ranquet’s amazing book, Communication With All of Life, and resonated with every word. When Joan later helped us with issues with our own dogs, I realized how communication can really shift dynamics and assist in healing.  From that point I knew I wanted to learn everything I could from her.  

During the Animal Mastery Program I had the opportunity to do get some of my homework done while traveling from California back to Florida. We stopped at a few of my favorite animal rescue organizations where I was welcomed with open arms for offering Animal Communication and EFT (tapping) to many animals. Witnessing improvements and results in so many different situations was very inspiring and heart warming. Working with the animals in my local SPCA has also been very rewarding. I have seen fears diminish, trust gained and adoptions increase with the animals who received the work. All of this in turn increased my confidence tremendously!

I started my own animal healing business, Pawsitive Touch, several years ago.  Since attending Joan’s Animal Mastery Program I have so much more to add to my services.  I’m now able to rebuild my website and am attracting many more people looking for help with their animals.  

Thank you Joan for sharing your wisdom and guidance.  We truly appreciate you!

~ Karen Thomas


I started an amazing journey with CWALU learning animal communication, death dying and beyond, and energy healing. It complements and harmonizes my acupuncture practice. I will have new tools to add to my shed. Joan is an amazing teacher as I was skeptical when I first started. Now I just want to learn more! Thank you Joan Ranquet for encouraging me down this path! 

~ Dr. Jill Todd, DVM 


Joan manages to rope in the best in business to talk to us about Nutrition, Complementary therapies , Conservation, Animal Behavior, and different facets to building a business. After going through the rigor , I got the confidence to start  an Animal Communication and Energy Healing outfit . This has helped me talk to animals in different parts of the world, including UAE, India , UK , Bahrain , USA. “

Joan and CWALU changed my life for the better in more ways than one . We lost our young dog unexpectedly and I wasn’t dealing with the loss well. When  I learned that there is a way to stay in 

touch with animals that had crossed over, I wanted to learn that skill to stay in touch my dog forever. That’s what led me to CWALU and Joan. Initially,  I was so worried that I won’t be able to do this since I don’t  possess any natural psychic gifts. But after a Skype call with Joan , I had the courage to sign up for the Home study course. By the end of the course I knew that this is what I wanted to do in life and I signed up for the Big program. I could see my confidence build call by call. My friends and family couldn’t understand how I was waking up at really odd hours for classes and homework  ( I live in Dubai ) multiple times a week. But it never felt like a stretch for me since I looked forward to the sessions . I have never felt more at home. I love the atmosphere Joan creates and her energy seems to attract the nicest of people . I have made some amazing friends through the program. Everyone here believes there is enough for everyone under the sun and so they all are very encouraging of each other and extremely kind.  

Joan is one of the most generous teachers I have ever come across. Through this program , she shares her multiple decades of experience and through her feedback mechanism she ensures you get it right. The course is pretty comprehensive and goes beyond Animal Communication and Energy Healing. Joan manages to rope in the best in business to talk to us about Nutrition, Complementary therapies , Conservation, Animal Behavior, and different facets to building a business. After going through the rigor , I got the confidence to start  an Animal Communication and Energy Healing outfit . This has helped me talk to animals in different parts of the world, including UAE, India , UK , Bahrain , USA. This is the kind of ripple effect this course can create. We become a channel to creating a deeper bond between animals and their humans in different parts of the world. For me personally , the most important thing is, I talk to my dog that I lost - almost like he is on a speed dial. And I can hear my current one tell me that I haven’t taken him swimming in a long time and that’s what fills his soul  (and that he wants a cat as a pet 😉 ) 

~ Ruby Ramprasad